How to Transform Your Company Image with Custom Uniforms

custom uniforms

No matter what industry you’re in, first impressions are everything. As the saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” 

So whether you run one of Wisconsin’s unique boutique hotels, a busy auto shop, a sports pub, or a manufacturing plant, your customers’ initial impression will set the tone for their entire experience with your company and brand. 

Of course, providing exceptional service and quality products are very important, but there’s one often-overlooked aspect that can significantly enhance your brand image: custom uniforms.

Since almost 94% of consumers prefer staff in uniforms as they are easily recognizable, and 93% of the population believes it reflects well on a company if their employees have uniforms, your brand’s uniforms matter more than you may think.

It’s Just Clothing, Right? Wrong. 

Uniforms are way more than just clothing; they are a huge part of your brand identity. A solid uniform communicates professionalism, helps increase brand recognition, and differentiates you from the competition. 

Curating a custom uniform can elevate your brand image and create a lasting impression on both customers and the community you serve.

Five Ways Uniforms Help Your Brand 

1. Professionalism and Cohesion

Custom uniforms create a cohesive look among your staff, making them appear more professional and put together. Seeing a team dressed in coordinated, high-quality uniforms instills a sense of trust for customers, and shows that you value your team. 

Plus, TechReport outlines that consumers who trust a brand will purchase their products even if they’re not as cheap as other options, with about 46% of consumers who would prefer to pay more for a product from a brand they trust.

2. Brand Identity and Recognition

Your brand’s identity is unique in your community, and your uniforms should reflect that! Incorporating your brand colors, logo, and design elements into your uniforms reinforces your brand’s identity. This not only makes your staff easily recognizable but also ensures that your brand remains top-of-mind for customers during and after their interaction with your business.

3. Enhanced Customer Experience

This one might come as a surprise, but custom uniforms can significantly enhance customer experience. They help create a welcoming environment, make customers feel comfortable and valued, and help them recognize the right team members to assist them. Additionally, when staff look professional and well-dressed, they feel more confident and professional, leading to better performance.

4. Differentiation and Competitive Edge

In Wisconsin’s competitive business market, standing out is essential. Custom uniforms can easily be the difference that sets your business apart from your competitors. Clean, polished, brand-aligned uniforms combined with a great experience will leave your customers with a memorable impression so they’ll want to come back again.

5. Adaptability and Functionality

We’ve talked a lot about the aesthetic advantages of uniforms, but that’s not all it’s about. Customized uniforms enhance adaptability and functionality by ensuring employees have attire tailored to their specific roles and tasks. Plus, they can be designed with practical features such as pockets or moisture-wicking fabrics, contributing to a more professional and effective workforce. 

Why Choose Gunderson? 

At Gunderson Uniform Uniform and Linen, we understand the crucial role uniforms play in your business. After all, that’s our whole business! We know a thing or two about properly handling and laundering garments, scrubs, patient bedding, hotel sheets, and many other textiles. Though machinery and technology have changed greatly since our beginnings, our values remain the same.

Contact us today to learn more about our custom uniforms and take the first step towards elevating your brand image with Gunderson on your side!