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Shop Towel Rental Programs

Shop towels are important items to always have on hand for your auto business. Technicians need them to wipe up messes and clean oil and other fluids off vehicles and themselves. Having a clean supply of shop towels handy at all times is a must.

If you wash vehicles or prep them for delivery (let’s face it, you probably do that), you’ll also need microfiber towels. Our automotive-specific microfibers are the perfect solution for ensuring your customers’ vehicles are spotless.

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Mat Rental Programs

Auto dealers and auto businesses are all about making a great impression on your customers. Entrance mats with your logo or brand instill confidence while keeping showroom floors clean and clear of dirt and debris.

Mat Program Benefits

Reduce or eliminate slip and fall accidents
Protect legs and backs of employees on their feet all day
Reduce cleaning costs by capturing dirt and debris as people enter

You can choose from a variety of rental mats including scraper mats to prevent slip and falls throughout the facility and anti-fatigue mats for your service advisors and technicians who spend most of the day on their feet.

Why try to manage different rental programs or providers when you can get your uniforms, custom apparel, shop towels, mats and more from one reliable source, in one delivery with one accurate invoice? Reach out to us today to learn more.

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