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Community Involvement

“Appreciate Where You Are
And Give Back To The Communities That Have Been Good To You.”
- Gary Gunderson

We value investing in the quality of life in the communities where we live, work, and play. Doing business in the community has allowed us to see the importance of actively reaching out to those in need and giving back to those who have given so much to us.

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Gunderson community involvement

We will continue to seek to engage at a deeper level, encourage volunteerism among our staff, and work to enthusiastically contribute to helping you build a better community.

  • YMCA
  • Local schools
  • Children’s Hospital
  • Theda Care Foundation
  • Reach Counseling
  • Coats for Kids
  • Youth Go
  • Lifest
  • Women’s Fund

Let's brighten
the world together.

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