Medical Towel Rental Programs

Hygienically Clean Towel Solutions for Healthcare

Most medical linen programs include towels, and lots of them for different parts of your healthcare facility. We’ve created a detailed offering of different towels for each job. See why many leading Wisconsin healthcare facilities have chosen our team for their medical towel program.

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Types of Medical Towels

We work closely with each healthcare client to develop a customized medical towel program that aligns with their facility's requirements, patient volumes, and budgetary needs. Our responsive team ensures you always have the right towel products and inventory levels.

microfiber towels

Microfiber Towels

Highly absorbent, quick-drying and lint-free

bath towels

Cotton Bath Towels

Soft, durable terry towels for patient use

surgical huck towels

Surgical Huck Towels

Low-lint, absorbent towels for operating rooms

specialty healthcare towels

Specialty Healthcare Towels

Tailored for specific medical applications

Benefits of Gunderson's Medical Towel Services

HYGIENICALLY Clean® Certified Laundering Processes
Robust Quality Assurance and Inspection
Cost-Effective Rental Pricing Models
Sustainable, Energy-Efficient Laundering Practices
Simple Inventory Management & Reliable Delivery
hygienically clean healthcare certified by TRSA
healthcare linens

Unmatched Medical Linen Expertise

With decades of experience serving the healthcare industry, Gunderson has the local knowledge and capabilities to be a trusted partner for all your medical linen needs, including towels, patient gowns, scrubs, bed linens, and more. We treat your facility's operations as our own to provide an exceptional level of service.

In addition to towel rentals, our comprehensive medical programs also include:

Linen Rental and Laundering Services
Scrubs and Garments
Hand Hygiene & Skincare Product Rentals

Reach out to our team today to discuss your linen program and see why we’ve become Wisconsin’s leading linen and uniform provider.

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