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Business casual work attire can mean different things to different people. When creating a professional workplace, you may ask employees to dress in business casual or professional attire for the office. But what does that mean to you?

Eliminate the guesswork and offer your employees different garments, such as dress shirts, polo shirts, slacks, or khakis. Even better, having your logo embroidered on the shirts promotes your business and brand while giving employees something to be proud to wear.

While we offer many uniform rental programs, we can also offer direct sales and custom apparel for your employees.

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Why Offer Corporate Uniforms to Employees?

Custom apparel increases positive perceptions of your business and brand
Wearing branded apparel can improve the pride employees feel about their company
They increase morale and provide a sense of teamwork
Demonstrates company pride to your customers and beyond

You’ll find a wide selection of professional clothing options for both men and women. We’re always reviewing our apparel offerings to make sure you can choose from the latest styles, colors, fabrics, and more.

Learn more about what Gunderson can offer to you and your employees.

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