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Safety & Comfort with Kitchen Mat Rental Programs

As you know, slips and falls are a big concern in restaurant and commercial kitchens. The floors can quickly become a hazard with staff moving about from food prep to cooking areas to washing equipment and dishes. Add in long hours of standing to prepare the perfect meal for your guests, and your staff will also appreciate the anti-fatigue elements of kitchen mats, too.

Hundreds of businesses have turned to us for kitchen mat rental programs and uniforms for more than 70 years. As Wisconsin’s leading linen service provider, we understand the importance of having the right mats to help maintain a safe, non-slip environment for your hard-working kitchen staff. Mat rental programs also make sure the mats used are in the best condition possible, always clean, and available at all times.

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Floor Mat Options for Kitchens, Entrances, and Beyond

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Standard Mats

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Anti Fatigue Mats

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Logo Mats

Floor Mats Trap Dirt & Debris, Preventing Slips & Falls

Keeping your kitchen areas clean, along with your building, impacts staff and guest opinions. Mats can help trap dirt and debris from being tracked in. They can also keep floors and entryways safer by absorbing moisture and preventing slips and falls. Mats can also be customized with your logo to make your brand prominent upon entry.

If you’re tired of sweeping, cleaning, and mopping your high-traffic areas, then a mat rental program can be your saving grace. If you’re using a mat rental provider now but are unhappy with the delivery, the cleanliness, or even the options they provide, it’s time to switch to the sunny side with Gunderson.

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FAQs: Kitchen Floor Mat Rentals

Yes, we provide heavy-duty scraper mats designed for outdoor entrances. These mats effectively remove dirt and moisture from shoes before staff guests enter your facility. These mats reduce cleaning costs and even wear and tear on your entryway floor coverings.

Indeed! We offer custom logos and branded mats to welcome guests and reinforce your restaurant's branding.

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