Barrier Gowns & Protective Garments

Preventing Cross-Contamination in Healthcare Facilities

In the post-pandemic era, utilizing proper protective equipment (PPE) like barrier gowns has become a standard in nearly all healthcare settings. We’ve continued to expand our medical linen products and programs to support our medical clients. Our medical PPE gowns include barrier gowns, isolation gowns, lab coats, and other protective items.

These protective medical garments provide an added layer to help prevent the spread of germs and infections as healthcare providers treat each patient. Our rental programs are customized for your healthcare facility to make sure it is fully stocked with the uniforms, linens, and protective apparel needed to follow best safety and cleanliness practices.

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reusable protective gowns

Types of Reusable Protective Gowns

Fluid Resistant Barrier Gowns | Isolation Gowns | Gore Gowns | Blockade Gowns

Certified Hygienically Clean

In the era of heightened safety protocols, not only is the proper protective equipment (PPE) essential for preventing the spread of infections, but so is how these items are handled, stored, and laundered. Our hygienically clean certification ensures all of our healthcare linens and apparel items are free of any potential contaminants and germs every single time. Learn more about our medical linen handling and laundering process here.

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PPE and protective gowns for medical facilities

Linens and Uniforms for All Medical Facilities

In addition to protective garments, our medical linen offerings include patient gowns, scrubs, patient bedding, towels, and other essential healthcare facility supplies like floor mats, microfiber products, and mops.

With Gunderson as your healthcare linen service partner, you can maintain a safe, sanitary environment for both staff and patients. Contact us today to learn more about setting up your own program. No facility is too big or small for us!

Let our team support you and ensure you have the proper inventory of hygienically clean protective linens on hand whenever needed.

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