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Green (2G) Initiatives

Green and Gold are synonymous with Wisconsin and Gunderson. Around here, we don’t just “Go Green” - We live, breathe and work Green! Our mission is to provide the highest quality products and services in the most sustainable and resourceful way.

As an industrial laundry that serves healthcare facilities, hotels, restaurants, and more, we know the importance of hygienically clean laundering processes. We also understand the importance of reducing our environmental impact and have developed several processes to be Green and care for the earth and our environment.

Here are a few ways Gunderson Goes Green.

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Energy and Water Efficiency Systems

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Water Recycling

Clean water at cycle-end used to pre-rinse next cycle
Greater water consumption efficiencies than home or on-premise laundry systems

Comprehensive Utility Management System

We installed variable-frequency drive (VFD) compressor
Annual energy savings of 219,000 kW hours equates to:
35 cars removed from the road
430 barrels of oil saved
263 tons of CO2 saved
110 tons of coal saved
VFDs control unit speeds (RPM) and saves on electricity and energy
Most industrial laundries do not utilize VFDs

Eco-Friendly Solvents

NPEs (Nonylphenol Ethoxylates) have been widely used in a variety of industrial detergents. Although once used in household detergents, the EPA and detergent manufacturers have cooperated to eliminate this practice. Using products with NPEs leads to widespread release into the water and can be toxic to fish and other aquatic animals. Today, many industrial laundries continue to use detergents with NPEs. WE DO NOT.

The wash process we utilize is safer and environmentally sustainable. We wash with:

Products that are 100% free of NPEs, phosphates, and EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid)
Detergents that are independently certified as “Green” by the U.S. EPAs Design for Environment(DfE) program.
Wash formulations that allow for energy and water reduction and increased productivity
We utilize a water reclamation system to heat our incoming water. We use all of our water twice compared to a home washer.
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High-Efficiency Lighting Installations

Less energy consumption

T8 fluorescents – up to 60% less energy usage than T12 and HID
Compact fluorescents – over 70% less energy usage than incandescent

LED exit signs – over 80% less energy usage than fluorescent

Better light quality and quantity
Improved color and visibility

Material Recycling

Plastics – recycled internally and collected from business partners
Hangers – reused within Gunderson’s facilities

Linen Repurposing & Recycling

Retired bed linen used for ambulatory services
Gently used garments and uniforms donated to missions and those in need
Scrap garments and linen reused or recycled
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