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We’re proud to be the first name in linen and uniform services in Wisconsin. Having served industries across the state for more than 70 years, we understand the needs of our communities.

As one of Wisconsin’s important healthcare facilities, you know that patient gowns and protective garments are crucial in providing a positive experience and enabling quality care at your healthcare facility. Why leave it to any other provider other than Gunderson?

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Patient Gown Rentals

Patient comfort should be a top priority during exams, procedures, and hospital stays. Our patient gowns are available in soft, breathable fabrics that are gentle on the skin while offering modesty and ease of use. They come in a wide range of sizes to properly fit patients of all sizes. As part of our medical linen rental program, you'll have a consistent supply of clean, comfortable gowns on hand.

Barrier Gowns & Protective Apparel

In the era of heightened safety protocols, proper protective equipment (PPE) is essential for preventing the spread of infections. Our hygienically clean certification ensures all of our healthcare linens and apparel items are free of any potential contaminants and germs every single time. These items provide an additional layer of protection for your staff and patients against potential exposure.

Fluid Resistant Barrier Gowns
Isolation Gowns
Gore Gowns
Blockade Gowns
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Rental Gowns. Good for Your Patients and The Environment

Reusable, launderable garments and linens are also more environmentally friendly. As a long-standing, family-owned business with generations involved, we care about the health and wellness of our customers, employees, communities, and environment.

Learn more about our sustainability practices in reducing water usage, environmentally friendly detergents and more.

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Gunderson stocks everything your business needs to get the job done right. Because we know your industry like an insider, we can recommend products that optimize your performance and keep your business looking professional.

Choose Gunderson

By partnering with us for your patient gowns, protective apparel and other medical linens, you can ensure your facility:

Delivers a comfortable patient experience
Follows best practices for staff & patient safety
Maintains a professional, hygienically clean environment
Avoids costly laundry and inventory management headaches

Our hygienically clean medical linens, thorough processes and reliable delivery services with inventory management allow you to focus on providing exceptional patient care. See why our Gunderson Uniform & Linen team is the ideal partner for all your healthcare linens and facility supplies.

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