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Mat Rental Programs for Wisconsin Manufacturing & Healthcare

Nearly every business needs entrance and floor mats, especially with our Wisconsin weather. The right mats in the right place help reduce dirt and debris from getting tracked in and help avoid slip and fall accidents. Additionally, did you know that mats can even impact employee health and productivity?

The best mat rental programs are comprehensive, giving you a variety of mats for each application that are picked up and cleaned on a regular basis. Whether you’re getting mats for your manufacturing plant or a modern healthcare facility, your goal is the same - to keep areas clean, safe, and productive.

You also don’t want to have to remind the representative where mats are located throughout your business or what mats need to go where when the seasons change. Our cost effective, reliable mat rental programs are just one more reason we’re leading the way in serving Wisconsin’s businesses from the front door to the shop floor and everywhere in between.

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Types of Floor Mats in Our Rental Programs

floor mat rental program

Outdoor Scraper Mats

Designed to trap and remove dirt, moisture, salt, and more from those who come in and out.


Inside Entrance Mats

Brush mats are recommended. We have a variety of wiper mats, too. These can trap even more dirt and grime as people enter your building and provide traction throughout the facility.

custom logo mat

Custom Logo Mats

Curved corner mats, logo mats, and others can welcome people into your facility. Use them for branding, welcoming and even way-finding for different areas of the building.

anti fatigue mat

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Ideal for shop floors, kitchen areas, and places where employees may stand for hours at a time. Prevent injury and provide support for their legs and back. Reduce standing fatigue in work cells, nurse stations, or other areas where employees are on their feet for extended periods of time. Our cushioned anti-fatigue mats provide comfort underfoot.

Mat Rental Program FAQs

We will change our your mats at the end of every week, or every 4 weeks.

Yes, we do! Please contact us for options, and we’ll hope you make the best decision for your brand.

Our representatives start with an assessment of what you need for your business. If you’re looking for a new mat rental provider or starting an entirely new program, we’ll make sure to review with you in detail.

We’ll set a schedule with you where your dedicated service representative will pick up dirty, used mats and replace them with clean ones. We can always adjust when winter weather means even more snow and debris are trapped in the mats. We can deliver weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Like most of our uniform and linen rental programs, mat programs vary, too. Factors include:

  • Size, style, and quantities of mats
  • How often mats will be cleaned and serviced
  • Customization of mats
  • Other items included in your program and deliveries

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