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Never Be Empty Handed with Restroom & Facility Supplies

Maintaining your business and all the supplies to keep it running is a lot of work. We get it. It’s why our team continues to add and offer replenishment programs and products to support our customers. Let us help you keep your restroom supplied and stocked with regular inventory management.

Our restroom supply programs include high-quality paper towels, tissue, soap, and odor control supplies. You can even have dispensers customized to fit your brand.

Reach out to us to learn more about our restroom supply options.

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Custom Paper Towel & Tissue Dispensers

auto cut dispenser

Auto Cut Dispenser

Low pull force

10″ cuts, 960/roll

Greatly reduced tabbing

Saves costs

Natural roll towels

Natural Roll Towels

Embossed for absorbency

Great wet strength

Great image for upscale bathrooms

Environmentally friendly

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Toilet Paper Dispensers and Bath Tissue

twin jumbo dispenser

Twin Jumbo Dispenser

Double capacity with auto-transfer between rolls

Easy to service

No stub roll waste saves money

Prevents run-outs

small core dispenser

Small Core Dispenser

Works vertically or horizontally

More compact than jumbo dispenser

Solves space and capacity issues

jumbo bath tissue

Jumbo Bath Tissue

800′ of tissue per roll

2-ply sheets

Longer rolls save time and labor

small core tissue

Small Core Bath Tissue

1000 sheets per roll

2-ply sheets

Soft and comfortable

Hand Soap and Sanitizers

manual soap dispenser

Manual Soap Dispenser

Dispenses foam or lotion – portion control saves cost

Easy to press lever

Manual operation – no batteries

auto soap dispenser

Auto Soap Dispenser

Touchless operation

Operates with a push when batteries are low

Dispenses foam or lotion product – portion control saves cost

hand soap

Hand Soap

Delivers up to 1,700 hand washes

Fragrance free luxury foam

hand sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

Kills 99.9% of common germs

No rinse


Restroom Odor Control Systems

Fragrances available: Cucumber Melon, Mango, Spiced Apple, Cotton Blossom

eco air dispenser

Eco Air Dispenser

Passive unit – no batteries or fans

Releases fragrance for 30 days

Environmentally friendly

eco air refill

Eco Air Refill

Refill is 100% recyclable

Fragrance lasts for 30 days

urinal screen 3-D

Urinal Screen 3-D

Hexagon lattice design – eliminates 99% of splash-back

Releases bacteria to consume odors as well as covering odors

100% recyclable

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