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We believe in continuous improvement and innovation. From that belief, we know greater efficiencies, quality, and value are provided to…our customers, employees, and the community.

Our involvement in industry associations ensures we’re connected to the latest equipment, processes, and technologies to continuously improve our services, our production, and our work environment. This can include the latest in laundering equipment, rail systems, delivery and routing software, and RFID Tracking.

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RFID Tracking | Complete Garment Delivery

RFID Tracking or Radio Frequency Identification is used for uniform tracking technology to ensure every garment your employees turn in to be washed gets delivered back to them with 100% accuracy.

Yes, gone are the days of missing pants, shirts and lost productivity handling employee complaints about their missing uniforms.

These chips are small, safe, and used to give each garment or item its own tracking number. We can track them once they are scanned into our facility, and then scan them back out for delivery. We use this information to monitor garment usage, laundry cycles, repair or replacement requests, and of course, ensure what comes in goes back out complete.

RFID tracking

What can RFID do for you and your company?

By using a rental program with RFID tracking, you can be sure Gunderson will return every uniform, every time.

Get Back What You Turned In: On-time, 100% accurate delivery.

Eliminate Lost or Missing Garments: Track and manage your uniform inventory online anytime, anywhere.
No More Miss-sorts or Miss-ties: Ensure your team members always have the correct uniforms.
You’re No Longer Alone: Online Inventory Management System to track your garments in real time. You and Gunderson Uniform can hold each other accountable. You are in control of your uniform program.
RFID tracking Gunderson Uniform & Linen


  • After choosing your uniforms, each garment is equipped with a barcode and an RFID tracking chip.
  • Your soiled garments are picked up by your assigned Route Sales Representative and transported to our laundry facility.
    As the uniforms pass through the RFID multi-read soil-scan tunnel, each garment’s RFID chip is scanned into our laundry’s computer system.
  • The uniforms are separated into batches by color, garment type, and soil content. A Quick Soil Inspection process, unique to Gunderson, is completed to remove items from pockets, such as pens or keys.
  • Each pre-sorted load is weighed and placed into the washer with the ideal wash formula to keep your uniforms looking their best.
    Your uniforms are now prepared to go through the steam tunnel.
  • This process releases wrinkles and gives you the quality finish you deserve. As a garment is placed on its hanger, it is hand-inspected to check for tears, stains, missing buttons, and broken zippers. All necessary repairs are flagged with a pink tag and immediately mended.
  • Now, all items are sorted by company and then bundled for each of your team members.
  • One final scan…the Bundle Verifier. This scan verifies that each soiled item entered the laundry through the multi-read, soil-scan tunnel has been expertly cleaned and prepared for delivery. On the rare occasion an item has been tied with the wrong team member’s bundle, the system alerts our staff. Errors are immediately corrected…to ensure accuracy.

  Gunderson (RFID Tracking) Most Uniform Companies (Barcodes)
Automation/Read Rate Fully automated system Frequent errors
Garment Identification Every garment scanned and identified automatically Scanned out and hand-sorted (no incoming scan)
Technology RFID tags inserted in woven pouches Barcodes fade/fall off
Accuracy 100% accurate tracking (eliminate lost, missing, mis-tied, & missorted garments) Frequent lost, missing, mis-tied, & missorted items
Tracking Online Inventory Management in real time No real-time tracking
  • Uniform Garments
  • Some Health Care Apparel (COG and Rental)
  • Microfiber Mops
  • Mats

No, that is not possible. These RFID chips are connected to the technology and readers we have within our facility only.

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