Gunderson Provides Premium Linen Rental and Services to Hospitals and Health Care Clinics


Providing high-quality linens can improve patient experience in a hospital, medical office or health care clinic. Gunderson will customize a health care linen rental program specifically designed to meet your needs. We also offer a comprehensive COG (Customer Owned Goods) Laundry Service.

Gunderson offers hospital bed linen rental, patient linen rental, protective garments and uniform rental along with restroom and cleaning supplies such as mats and mops. Our efficiency evaluation provides a review of your current health care linen rental program to identify opportunities for improvement.

When you partner with Gunderson, you can be assured that we deliver linen FREE of yeast, mold, germs, viruses and harmful bacteria that can make people sick. Gunderson is a TRSA Certified Healthcare Hygienically Clean laundry. Learn more about Gunderson’s Hygienically Clean program.

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