Don’t just “Go Green”…live, breathe and think Green! At Tradition Cleaners, our
mission is to provide the highest quality products and services in a sustainable and
way. Here are a few ways we care for our earth.

Energy Efficient Boiler

  • Less energy consumption

Cleaning Supplies

  • All Natural Starch
  • Biodegradable Detergents

High-Efficiency Lighting Installations

  • Less energy consumption
    • T8 fluorescents – up to 60% less energy usage than T12 and HID
    • Compact fluorescents – over 70% less energy usage than incandescent
    • LED exit signs – over 80% less energy usage than fluorescent
  • Better light quality and quantity
    • Improved color and visibility

Material Recycling

  • Plastics – recycled internally and collected from business partners
  • Hangers – reused or recycled
  • Paper