FREE Pick-Up & Delivery (Call 920-730-2200)

We know you are busy and have better things to do than drop off your dry cleaning. We offer complimentary pick-up & delivery service to your home or office.

Pick-Up Options

  • Scheduled
    • For customers with weekly dry cleaning or laundry needs
    • Regular schedule for route representative to pick up and deliver your items
  • Call-In
    • For customer with items just once in a while
    • Call Gunderson’s Pick-Up & Delivery Service number to schedule a pick-up

It’s FREE – No Special Fees or Rules

  • No Minimum Order
    • Don’t worry if you have just 1 or 2 items per week
    • There is NO MINIMUM!
  • No Member or Delivery Fees
    • No delivery or membership fees
    • You pay the same prices as in-store customers
    • Pick-Up & Delivery is absolutely FREE
  • Convenient
    • Delivery to your home or office
    • Rain or shine
    • No need to be home (let us know of an easily accessible location on your property to safely pick up and drop off your items)

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Gunderson’s Pick-Up & Delivery Service Area – Fox Cities