Expert Stain Removal

Stain and spot removal is our specialty. Our stain removal specialists use advanced methods to safely remove soil, spots and stains. In most cases, we are able to easily remove stains.

Here are some stain tips:
  • Do not rub the stain, as this will most likely set the stain permanently into the fabric.
  • Most times, trying to remove the stain yourself will set the stain.
  • Do not put anything away when a stain exists. Stain removal is easiest when the spot it fresh.
  • Identify the location and nature of the stain when you drop off your item.
  • It is better to let your cleaner remove stains if:
    • There are many stains or it covers a large area
    • The item is dry clean only
    • The fabric is fragile
    • You are not sure what the nature of the stain is
    • You are not sure if the item’s color could run



There is such a thing as an “Invisible Stain”

in·vis·i·ble stain /ín-vi-z?-b?l/ /stan/ (n)
1.  a: a soiled or discolored spot incapable of being seen
b: a mark on a piece of clothing inaccessible or hidden from view

These types of stains can results from food or drink drips, body oils or perspiration, among other things. They may be clear in color and not visible to the naked eye. When heat is applied to the area, through pressing, for example, the stain becomes darker and visible. Using pre-spotting techniques, we are generally able to remove these stains.


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