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Fire at Kaukauna Assisted Living Facility

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FRSTeam by Gunderson Cleaners was called to an assisted living center in Kaukauna, WI on Monday, January 27 to take care of the textile restoration process after a fire started on the side of the building. Heavy smoke, soot and water damage was evident throughout the building.  FRSTeam’s services will restore the bedding and window treatments in […]

New Beginnings: Gunderson Launches Information Network

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Gunderson Family WebsiteA new year means a new focus and a new look for Gunderson Family Companies and its 5 divisions.   Seeking to reach out and be an information resource to new and current audiences, the family company saw the opportunity to break into the online world with a vengeance.

Spokesperson, Dan Ullsperger, Vice President of the Gunderson Family Companies, explains that it goes far beyond a website launch.  It’s less about selling services and more about being a resource that consumers and businesses need.  They need a valuable source of knowledge, expertise, solutions and understanding.  The updated website gives consumers one-stop access to a wide-range of information.

“There are hundreds of years of combined knowledge and experience that veterans, throughout Gunderson, are so eager to share.  This will give them the outlet to do that and to be there for their community,” says Ullsperger.

By joining the forces of all 5 of Gunderson’s divisions into one website, it becomes a very powerful information network.  The website will be used to provide useful news and information on a variety of topics, from laundry and linen to marketing ideas and community events.  It will also help raise awareness about how community members work together to build a better place to live and work.

How to Make your Company ‘Stand Out’ from the Rest

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Stand Out GreenEvery industry has “industry standards”. Where do these standards come from? Doesn’t it seem like there are more every day? It isn’t enough to just live by industry standards.

I remember when “customer satisfaction” was something that you could use to market and brand your company. It had traction in a marketing campaign. Customers would be in awe and would, from then on, be loyal when they were well-taken-care-of by a company.
Today, though?! “customer satisfaction” is a given. Customers expect excellent service from all companies. Not only is it an “industry standard”, it is an all-around “business standard”.

So, what do you need to do to set yourself apart?

  • Ask yourself what you believe in. Why do you get up in the morning and do what you do? Truly ask why! Figure out what truly makes you different and better. Do your customers care about that thing that makes you different and better?
  • Be sure those working for you believe the same thing. If they believe it, they will live it and your customers will notice.
  • Don’t follow. Lead! Don’t do something because everyone else is doing it. Do things because they will benefit your customers, your community and your business.
  • Tell people…as many people as you can! Market your company and your cause.
  • Put your logo on EVERYTHING! Does your receptionist have a logo embroidered on his/her shirt? Do the coffee cups in the conference room have your slogan on them? How about your pens? Notebooks? Why not? Put your logo on it, use it and give it to your clients, too. It tells people you are proud of your company, who you are, and what you believe in!

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