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Spring Rain = Water in the Basement

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What are common causes of major water damage in a home?

The main causes of water damage in a home could include: fire damage, severe weather/storms, blocked drainage lines, broken pipes, leaking roofs and broken appliances.

What are the first steps I should follow after severe water damage has occurred in my home?

  1. Call for help with assessment and clean-up.
  2. Turn off all electricity
  3. Stop the water, if possible and move to higher ground.
  4. Ventilate wet areas and have standing water professionally removed.
  5. Have all damaged clothing and other items evaluated and restored to pre-loss condition.
  6. To prevent injury, avoid all areas of the home with sagging ceilings caused by standing water. (link Water Damage page)

During a flood, does mold always develop?

No. Mold does not develop in all cases. The experts at FRSTeam by Gunderson Cleaners will work with you and your insurance company to determine if there is evidence of mold growth in your home.(link Mold Damage page)

How is sewage or flood damage different from basic water damage?

Although there is indeed a risk of pollution from basic water damage, sewage and flood water contain harmful contaminates, bacteria and other substances that may be very harmful. These contaminates are also easily transmitted. Children and pets are especially vulnerable to the pollutants caused by this type of damage.

Can all parts of my home/structure be restored after this type of damage has occurred?

It may not be possible to restore certain items such as carpeting, dry wall and other absorbent materials after they have been in contact with this type of damage. They may need to be replaced.

How can I be proactive and identify potential water damage, before a major problem occurs?

Homeowners should be aware and note any changes that occur in and around their home. The signs include: water spots on ceilings, water pipe problems, peeling paint, mold, moisture, leaking roofs, water gathering near home’s foundation, etc.

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