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Cluttered Closet?

Posted on by Gunderson

ClutteredCloset4-smallThat is quite the project.  Here’s a place to start.  Remember, Seasonal Storage is also available!

  1. Seasonal Items:  Do you have a local cleaner who can store your items at a low cost?  They will be clean and ready when you need them.
  2. Divide & conquer: As the saying goes, you can’t eat an entire elephant in one bite.  Take cleaning out your closet one “bite” at a time.
  3. Avoiding tumbling stacks: Do you have stacks of shirts that fall over      when you reach for something in the middle? Find the tool to prevent it.
  4. Group like items: This makes things easy to find.
  5. Too many bags or ties: The right hooks or racks can really help to utilize empty wall space.
  6. Running out of space: Learn how to utilize empty spaces throughout your      home.
  7. Hanger and post-it tricks: Find out what you wear and what you don’t.
  8. Wire hangers: They are a no-no.
  9. Clothing swap: Get together with friends to swap clothing that you and they never wear, but someone would.

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